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What Makes You Happy?

Apr 14, 2021

A question that I occasionally get with regard to work is, "What do you want to do?", which can be translated as "What makes you happy (at work)?"

Frankly, it is a difficult question.

Serial Loser

Jul 7, 2020

I found myself self-employed again (my fourth time) after I resigned in April 2020, during the lockdown period. My salary got cut, and I just lost motivation to keep working in the airline tech industry, given that the whole industry was burning...

How to Live Stream your Church Service from Home

Mar 25, 2020

With the Movement Control Order (partial-lockdown) in place in Malaysia and elsewhere, meeting up as a group in church to stream to Facebook Live straight from your Facebook mobile app is not really an option anymore (you shouldn't, really,...

9 Months In

Sep 23, 2019

It's been nine months into my third round of self-employment. The first time was circa Sep 2014 - Mar 2015, where I focused on consulting work in Ruby on Rails. The second time was when I developed PageDash, circa July 2017 - Dec 2018. Third time's...

My Issues With Software Jobs

Jan 19, 2019

I have issues with Software Engineer / Software Developer jobs.

They are:

  1. I don’t believe in your company’s mission.
  2. I believe in your mission, but your tech turns me off.
  3. The probability that your project will die, along with all the work...

How to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) with the least (legitimate) effort

Sep 4, 2018

I passed the exam yesterday (Monday) with a score of 954/1000! I studied on Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon + night, and Sunday night. The passing grade is 720.

Disclaimer: Doing everything in this post does not guarantee a pass!...

Disdain for hype

Jun 24, 2018

I’ve come to realize that I have a disdain for hype.

I disdain React, because most of it is hype, not because they are superior technologies (What’s wrong with following browser standards?). So I stick to Web Components as a standards-based frontend...

Ode to 2017

Dec 31, 2017

Impulsively, 2017 is one forgettable year. Introspetively, 2017 marks many turning points in my life.

If I could redo 2017, I would probably have done a few things differently… in any case, let's choose to look at the achievements and positives for...


Jun 28, 2017

I’m tired of toeing the line. I’m tired of compromise. I’m tired of legalistic teaching.

I’m tired of being a pawn in a corporation. I’m tired of dragging my feet to work. I’m tired of working in an “offshore” company, waiting on white folks to tell...

Moving to Enterprise Software

Mar 22, 2015

In my last semester of college (university, for those outside the US), I had the privilege and opportunity to learn Ruby on Rails (RoR) in Software Engineering (CS169, Spring 2012). Hitherto, I never had any "real-world" software experience — until...

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