Jonathan ES Lin
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What the Introvert Saw

Oct 14, 2015

Today, I visited my paternal grandparents – at the cemetery. I'm not sure why, but I didn't speak much to them. I just said hi, and we just stood there staring at the stones.

The next time I visit, I would want to talk more to my grandmother. I feel like she's still listening, and maybe she can help me out with life's troubles. I miss her being around, even if she keeps asking me the same questions again and again.

But while I stood there I also had a glimpse of the future. There are also three burial plots next to them: for my aunt and my parents. I imagined that one day I would visit that cemetery and my whole family would be there, and I would be all alone, staring down at five stones. It was a depressing split-second thought.

Well, the introvert sees nothing much. He can't see very much into the future. His world is internal, and in this world he envisions that maybe one day he would find his way in life, and be happy, somehow.