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The Admirable Christian

Mar 28, 2015

As a duty-driven person who tends to do Christian things out of duty (and continue to keep on doing them in a dutiful fashion), I really admire the Christian who is able to serve continually with strong sense of grace and purpose. And even if they are not really serving much due to their study or work commitments, they are so strong in the grace that they do not feel that kind of guilt that riddles me if I find that I am not doing as much as I should or could. Their relationship with God is not defined by Christian activity. They have a strong confidence in Him, that He is able to keep them going strong in Him.

What I mean by being strong in the grace is having that complete confidence in God's love and sacrifice on the cross for them, such that they are not bound by works, but are instead able to give and love freely. Missing a few days of bible-reading isn't going to make them feel bad. Conversely, I have a strong tendency to return to the work-based cycle, feeling guilty for not having done something or failing to care as much, and trying to do better to make up for it.

I recall that strong liberating feeling when I realized that it was never about works. What joy it was. But over the months and years in the church one inevitably keeps hearing about how as a church member or Christian we should do this and that with great reasons tied to it. The next thing you know, this sense of relief that it was never about works is slowly but surely replaced with obligations here and there to meet the demands and exhortations of church leaders and pastors. As a dutiful person, I feel fingers pointed at me, and I feel compelled to respond even though I really lack that kind of desire.

Furthermore, this admirable Christian also has that feeble and humble helplessness that causes them to call on God for help. As a person whose tendency is to first put on my thinking cap and strategize solutions to my own problems, I admire the Christian who is able to first acknowledge that they are helpless and call onto Him for help. The amazing thing is that God responds to them more often than not! While I have recently experienced an answered prayer, the reality is that such dependence on God is few and far in between for me. But this admirable Christian calls on God on a frequent basis and God somehow answers many their prayers. Their testimony really warms my heart and I say to myself, "I wish God would answer my prayers like that."

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what I'm trying to say here and whether I said it correctly. In real life I tend to see it more in girls and women than in men. It's the kind of person who gives you that warm feeling.