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On blocking

Feb 17, 2016

Malaysians should probably realize by now that has been blocked, and we all know the reason why. It was because Sarawak Report used it as an alternative platform to publish the already blocked articles.

As a software engineer, I am a savvy tech user who knows how to bypass these blockings. But it still annoys me when I use my cellphone on local wireless networks, because Medium is blocked when I want to read something about tech or about whatever diverse range of articles there is on Medium.

To put it in perspective, the government's move to block Medium is not unlike a decision to block Twitter or Facebook all because of one single rogue account. And we know that Twitter has many such accounts. But Twitter still remains unblocked. There was little uproar over Medium's blocking presumably because, first, it is not yet such a popular publishing platform here, and second, Malaysians have become a resigned lot.

Medium is valuable. It is a global platform of bright minds and ideas where the latest thoughts can be expressed in more than 140 characters. It is a place of technology and software development articles, of quirky topics, and of modern life. Malaysia gains nothing in blocking Medium, except to cause most of the rakyat to be more like a katak di bawah tempurung.

Oh wait, perhaps that was the intention in the first place.