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Hard Things

Jun 7, 2015

Here are some hard things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years:

  1. Stay at my current job (BAE Systems AI) for at least 5 years. My longest stint was only slightly over a year. Perhaps things have changed, and people switch jobs every two years nowadays, but it doesn't have to be that way. I just want to learn how to commit to a job for a longer period of time. I now see multiple short term job switches as a badge of dishonor.
  2. Use my iPhone 5s for at least 3 years. The larger iPhone 6 screen is so tempting… But at the same time upgrading is a sheer waste of money. Again, I want to learn commitment as well as contentment (unless the phone breaks).
  3. Get married and start a family. This is a hard one. Some people are incredibly lucky, but for me trying to get someone I genuinely like to like me back enough for even just a first date is so hard. Maybe it's just a matter of timing.
  4. Get deeper into learning Chinese. I already have 2 years of Chinese during my college days. Someday I want to be able to read the Bible in Chinese, and perhaps even give a real speech in Chinese.
  5. Develop 2-3 iOS apps that generate some revenue. Publish 2-3 high quality iOS apps that are able to generate some revenue. Doesn't have to be too complicated or complex, but definitely apps which I would use myself.
  6. Figure out what's next in ministry. I mean, serving in worship, young adults, etc. in my church is nice and comfy. But staying in comfort is not really something I want to do forever. Maybe the time will come to go and do something more radical.