Jonathan ES Lin
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Futility of Life

Jun 10, 2018

Been down with viral chesty cough for the past one week.

Body is still able to function. But the extent of the coughing sometimes makes me wish I didn’t exist.

Stayed at home for the most part. Worked from home even. But the prolonged time of feeling sick at home makes me wonder what life is all about.

Life is surreal. There’s nothing you can do to prevent sickness. When it comes, all your toil goes down the drain.

All the money in the world can’t even solve a viral chesty cough sickness! There is no choice but to wait it out.

The desired takeaway for me it to take life slower. I’m anxious about many things. I’m protective of my time because I want to achieve more for myself. Software development is an extremely time intensive process. Sickness laughs at all that.

You can work so hard and launch a software product only to be greeted with dismal response. That too is the futility of life.

If you’re successful, there’s time and chance to happen to you. So don’t be so cocky at your success. Life has a way of getting even.