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A Fragile Life

Aug 7, 2014

As evidenced by the MH370 and MH17 episodes recently, life can literally take a nosedive such that we disappear into oblivion, or be shot down from the sky.

We plan so much for our future, and yet all things can suddenly come to an end. Neither AIA nor Allainz will matter. Nor would all the properties, gold bars, and fixed deposits in the bank save us.

These two episodes should cause Malaysians to sober up and bicker less. But as with human nature, things will hardly change.

Personally, as I get older I realize that there are so many things beyond my control. The high school bubble where everything went on as planned is over.

In life many things don't go according to plan. Sometimes it is a matter of life direction. Other times it is a matter of life and death.

The world is fragile. There's a war in the Gaza strip. Ebola recently claimed its hundreds. Four major plane crashes in half a year.

There are so many things that can go wrong. A truck could hit me from the side, a robber can chop me with a parang till I bleed to death, my speeding car could hit a rogue car appearing out of nowhere…

And everything can just end at an instant.

All the good code that I can write in this world would not be able to save me. And sometimes God chooses not to save us from physical death.

I am posed with the question: Am I prepared to lose it all? It doesn't matter how hard I cling to my possessions or life. When the time comes (and it will), it is taken away entirely.

Other times the things that can go wrong in life is really due to myself. I may screw up, lose some temper, and permanently lose points with many people.

Realization of powerlessness should give rise to praise.

I am reminded that every day is a gift from the Creator. I ought to give thanks today for everything good in my life, because I could have been gone yesterday. I also ought to give thanks because I did not screw up badly today, as I might have been wont to do. Another reason to give thanks is that life could have been much much worse, and there is a lot that I am currently enjoying.

Oh, and I should also give thanks for still being alive to try my luck at love, no matter how many rejections I have faced in the past :)

Another lesson for me is to not take things too seriously. Overlook and forgive mistakes. Drive graciously. Smile at imperfections.

As the adage goes, no one gets out of life alive. Might as well be nice to everyone while they are all still alive, breathing, and capable of smiling.