Jonathan ES Lin
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Hello, this is a picture of me!

Welcome! My name is Jonathan Ern Sheong Lin, and this is my personal site where I blog about life, technology, and maybe Christianity. I live in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I am a Cloud Architect at [some enterprise — undisclosed for now]. Formerly self-employed (multiple times) working on building products for myself and the world at Belian Tech. Check out KanRails and PageDash, as well as some of my books sold on Gumroad. My technical blog can be found at JonCloudGeek.

Previous working experiences:

  • Data Engineer at GoQuo
  • Software Engineer at CoinGecko
  • Front-end Software Engineer at BAE Systems KL, where I worked on enterprise applications.
  • Software Consultant at Belian Tech, where I worked on Ruby on Rails apps.
  • Mobile Software Engineer at Snappymob. I helped churn out the Android and BlackBerry apps for The Malaysian Insider, as well as contributed to the development of Saved for iOS and Android, a budgeting and expenses app.
  • Software Engineer No. 1 at Ocision, now a subsidiary of Star Media Group. Our products include Propwall, iBilik, and Carsifu.

During my downtime, I enjoy jogging, swimming, badminton, playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, writing, and reading.

I am a Christian, saved by a God who unfailingly pursues me with his love and forgiveness despite my failures. He gives me hope for a future while I struggle with the present.

I can be contacted at the concatenation of "ernsheong", the AT character, and "". You can also find me on Github, LinkedIn and Twitter.